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Throughout all legal proceedings, LOGOS will always be a friendly partner of the clients with prompt and accurate services.

LOGOS Law LLC China Team offers the finest legal service regarding all kinds of legal disputes arising between Korea and China, based on the experience and know-how attained from several years of practice. With attorney Doo Hyun Ryu, who has had extensive experience in foreign business area in countries including China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Russia, as the head, LOGOS China Team consists of several other attorneys: Korean attorneys Hyung Min Yim who has completed upper level training courses at Peking University in China and Wook Huh who has acquired a master’s degree at Peking University and now in doctor’s degree program at Peking University, Chinese attorney Yuanbiao Cui who has graduated from China University of Political Science and Law and acquired a master’s degree at Korea University, and US attorneys.
In the past, consultation on Korean investment in China used to be the major business of Korean law firms; however, new practice areas such as Chinese investment in Korea, litigation arising from international transactions between Korea and China, legal disputes between Koreans and the Chinese in Korea, and above-mentioned services are emerging. At this point of diversified practice areas, LOGOS offers differentiated services based on a lot of experiences regarding Chinese investment in Korea and litigation matters between Korea and China as well as traditional practices of counseling.

After the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Korea and China in 1992, the number of Korean residents in China and Chinese residents in Korea has reached 600,000 and 800,000 respectively. LOGOS China Team, with dedication, commitment and responsibility, endeavors to offer legal services related to great and small legal disputes which inevitably arise from the increase of personal and material exchange between Korea and China.

Furthermore, Chinese professionals of LOGOS with various business experiences and business alliances between LOGOS and prominent Chinese law firms in major cities of China all together enable LOGOS Law LLC to offer the most rapid and trustworthy legal services, accurately reflecting local circumstances, on every possible legal matters which may occur between Korea and China.

Specific practice areas and the member of China Team are as follows:

- Consultation on the establishment of corporations in China
- Consultation on the real estate development in China
- Consultation on the mergers and acquisitions of Chinese corporations
- Consultation on the entrance into contracts and strategic alliances with Chinese corporations
- Consultation on PF and financial consulting about investment in China
- Consultation on listing corporations in China
- Consultation on the patent applications in China

- Consultation on the investment of Chinese corporations in Korea: establishment of corporations,
  branch offices, and representative offices.
- Consultation on the mergers and acquisitions of Chinese corporations in Korea
- Consultation on the listing of Chinese corporations in Korea

- Representing the client on arbitration and litigation matters
- Representing Chinese corporations in Korea on arbitration and litigation matters

- Defending the Chinese in Korea on criminal cases
- Consultation on legal disputes arising among the Chinese in Korea
- Consultation on the legal protection of any other rights of the Chinese in Korea