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Corporate Identity
Welcome to LOGOS Law LLC
Logos is a Greek word meaning reason, law, or principle. In Christianity, it has evolved to signify Christ.

LOGOS adopted its name to embody our multiple roles: (1) a mediator and messenger for our clients; (2) an advocate and promoter; and (3) a counselor. In sum, the word LOGOS denotes the dedication for our clients.

The corporate logo features the letters O, G, and O, in a circular shape to symbolize the earth, stars, and the universe. The circles also symbolize the notions of perfection and order.

The shapes of the letters, L and S, represent self-sacrifice and devotion as they act as sturdy pillars supporting O, G, and O. The + located at the top of the G stands for the presence of God and His eternal love. It is also symbolic of our task of illuminating the way for our clients. The color gold represents authority, consistency, scarcity, and purity.

Altogether, the corporate logo “LOGOS” represents our ethical code as attorneys and our corporate responsibility to the nation and society.