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LOGOS Russia Profile
Welcome to LOGOS Law LLC
LOGOS established its Moscow office in May 2008, becoming the first Asian law firm to have a presence in Russia. LOGOS Moscow Office consists of Mr. Noh Chung Cheong, the first Korean national to be certified as an “advokat” (comparable to a barrister in the U.K.), who possesses a wide range of professional experiences and human networks in Russia. Mr. Cheong is closely assisted by Ms. Olga Burakova, a jurist (legal consultant) who graduated magna cum laude from Russia Petroleum and Gas University College of Law.

Placing high value on local knowledge which can only be gained through years of on-the-job experience, LOGOS works closely with its of counsels, Mr. Nadezda Alekseevna, who served as the attorney general of the Russian province of Irkutz, and Mr. Pirogov Aleksandr with a background as a public prosecutor at Moscow Prosecutor’s Office.
LOGOS Moscow Office regularly works in conjunction with attorneys at the Seoul Headquarters and LOGOS Southeast Asia offices who are admitted to practice law in several jurisdictions, with various specialties including, but not limited to international litigation/arbitration, tax law and project financing.

We, at LOGOS, constantly strive to go beyond textbook solutions to legal issues; we prefer to work more proactively, always being mindful of the dynamic nature of the Russian jurisprudence and business environment, relentlessly making efforts to find simple yet effective solutions to complex legal issues.

Despite the relatively short history, LOGOS Moscow Office has successfully represented several clients in various regions throughout Russia, including, without limitation, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Habarovsk, Sakhalin and Irkutz, as well as the capital city of Moscow.

We are confident that our Moscow office will greatly contribute to raising the comfort levels of our clients investing in a country with a constantly evolving business environment.

Areas of Practice
  1. General Corporate Law
  2. Investment Structuring
  3. Joint Ventures
  4. Establishment of representative offices, branches and wholly owned subsidiaries
  5. Acquistion of real estate properties and real estate development
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. Project financing
  8. Litigation/arbitration