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Our Values
Welcome to LOGOS Law LLC

LOGOS attorneys take their clients’ needs to heart. Our professionals, when considering issues and devising solutions, consider their clients’ needs as their own. Thus, when exploring courses of action, we always engage from the clients’ point-of-view and adhere to their wishes. Needless to say, we strive to gain the clients’ complete trust.

LOGOS is dedicated to employing only the best and brightest attorneys and professionals. Our attorney roster includes the former Chief Justice/ President of the Constitutional Court, Justices from the Supreme Court, the Chair of the National Human Rights Commission, chief judges of Appeals courts, Senior Public Prosecutors, professors from major universities, the director of the Korean CIA, high-ranking government officials, experienced attorneys from major international law firms, and in-house attorneys from multinational corporations.

LOGOS always strides to overcome the "conventional wisdom" that the law is an inherently passive device. LOGOS believes that the legal profession must bring foward "creative ideas" and legal professionals must assume roles as "problem solvers". We strive to promote this change in the mind of the legal profession and to volunteer our talents to reshape the legal profession.
Global Perspective

LOGOS is Korea’s first international law firm with offices in Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Moscow and Phnom Penh. Today’s business and legal issues, which often extend beyond national boundaries, require a law firm like LOGOS.
Experience and knowledge in international business and legal issues have become indispensible components in meeting the needs of foreign and domestic clients. Our qualified attorneys are international legal experts with vast experience in practicing law throughout the world.
Ethical Commitment

LOGOS is a morally grounded law firm dedicated to social responsibility. We engage in significant pro bono endeavors consistent with our vision to support our nation and society. Under this philosophy, LOGOS has contributed to the construction of a Christian correctional facility and engaged in numerous social programs: assisting families of prison inmates, members of farming villages, and global charity groups including World Vision.