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  • Welcome to LOGOS Law LLC
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LOGOS Law LLC (“LOGOS”) was founded in September 2000 by 12 highly prominent lawyers who share the Christian values and commitment to providing practical and effective legal solutions. With the moral vision and full dedication to excellence of its founding members, LOGOS has grown to one of the leading law firms in Korea in less than ten years time.

LOGOS was the first Korean law firm to realize the importance of Vietnam as a promising emerging market, and in 2006, in order to better serve the needs of our clients who invest in Southeast Asia, established a subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Having received a favorable response from our clients for efficient and effective service of our Ho Chi Minh City office in a short span of time and to address the needs of our clients who were involved in several infrastructure projects in the Hanoi region, we established our second Vietnam office in Hanoi in 2007.
LOGOS Law LLC_Head Office

LOGOS, which consists of more than 100 lawyers work seemlessly through different offices in different regions. LOGOS Seoul Headquarters not only caters to the clients with legal issues in Korea, but closely supports its overseas subsidiaries, including, Vietnam offices, on a regular basis, enabling our clients to receive a comprehensive consulting on legal issues in Vietnam at a convenient location in Seoul.
LOGOS_Vietnam HO Chi Minh City(HCMC) Office

- LOGOS Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Office

LOGOS HCMC Office offers comprehensive legal services in a wide range of subject areas for foreign investors in Vietnam through highly qualified lawyers licensed in Korea, Vietnam and the United States. Some of our lawyers in our HCMC office is qualified in two different jurisdictions, which allows them to address legal issues from a variety of perspectives.

- LOGOS Hanoi Officee

Hanoi is now a spot for a large-scale state-planned development. Few other cities in the world are expanding at paces comparable to Hanoi. Our Hanoi office was set up as a branch office of our HCMC Office specifically to accommodate the needs of our clients who are desirious of participating in mass-scale infrastructure development projects in the Northern provinces of Vietnam.

Seoul Headquarters : Mr. Doohyun Ryu : 02-2188-1014
    Ms. Huigyeong Park : 02-2188-2830
HCMC Office :
Mr. Woongryol Baek +84-(0)8-3822-7161(English, Vietnamese), Internet Phone 070-7018-7160(Korean), Mobile +84 (0)91 612 0802 (Korean,English)
Hanoi Office :
Mr. Yuho Kim +84-(0)4-3771-0334(English,Vietnamese,Korean),InternetPhone 070-7500-0357(Korean),Mobile +84-(0)90-438-7074(English,Korean)